Benefits of Baby Spa

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Although the Words cute, Adorable and cool come to mind…Hydrotherapy and Infant Massage for your baby is way more than that. Water neutralizes the effect of gravity so baby can move more freely and with little effort, as baby moves all extremities are strengthened muscular and skeletal, arms, legs fingers even toes. Think of the resistance you experience while engaging in water activities (water aerobics prime example)

The slight pressure from the water can mimic the pressure from the amniotic fluid in the womb, this is a feeling baby is familiar with, thus reducing the stress hormone cortisol. It can also aid the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system.


Most babies are born with an innate swimming or Diving Reflex for the 1st six Months of life.
Immersion in our tubs stimulates that reflex making the transition to swimming lessons a comfortable experience for both you and baby.

Baby enjoys the first aquatic experience outside the womb, After 280 +/- days living and growing in a water environment. How natural does this come to baby?

Infant Massage Benefits

Improved Sleep

Enjoy the benefits of improved sleep patterns in your little one.

Improved Digestion

Regulating and strengthening the digestive system

Relieve Gas

Alleviating bloating and the pain often associated with gas

Immune System Function

It can also help enhance the immune system function

Reduce Stress

Reduce the stress hormone cortisol and norepinephrine

Promotes Bonding

Can help promote bonding and attachment

Muscular Coordination

Hydrotherapy and massage can also encourage muscular coordination

Stimulates Vagus Nerve

Stimulates the vagus nerve, which stimulates the release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose

Increases Circulation

Hydrotherapy and massage has been shown to increase circulation

``Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant, Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins``

– Dr. Frederick Laboyer

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