Amazing Births & Beyond

Welcome to Amazing Births & Beyond

Amazing Baby Spa is a part of Amazing Births and Beyond. We are South Florida’s most trusted provider of supportive services for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Amazing Births and Beyond has earned the confidence of South Florida’s birthing community by providing kind, professional care to women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. We go the extra mile to provide you with all that you need to reduce stress and create an environment of calm during these special times in your life.


What We Offer at Amazing Births & Beyond

Doula Services

We’ll be by your side throughout your pregancy.

Massage Therapy

Natural, touch therapy treatment to alleviate symptoms

Chiropractic Care

A safe and gentle approach to care for pregnant woman


Unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education

Childbirth Education

Know what to expect during this exciting time.

Birthing Tub Rentals

Experience the benefits of water birthing.

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