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Welcome to Our Spa

Part of the Amazing Births and Beyond facility, our Spa offers a calm, peaceful environment with minimal stimulation, subdued lighting and peaceful relaxing music. Our tubs are custom made in the USA. Each tub holds 65 gallons of crystal clear water that has been filtered to the highest drinking standards via a 5 stage reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system. A display board will show water temperature and water quality daily.


Baby Massage at Our Spa

Our baby massage area hosts individual tables with shelving below, where you will find everything you need from 100% organic bamboo hypoallergenic antibacterial hood towels to organic grapeseed oil for massage. All products used are free from dyes, toxins, and chemicals. Private group sessions are available and advance reservations are required.

How It Works

This is a hands on experience where you as parents will participate in every aspect of the session. You know your baby’s cues better than anyone, this as with many other aspects of parenting, relies on you to recognize and follow your baby’s direction. Each visit includes 10 to 30 minutes in one of our individual Float Tubs. From the water your baby will be wrapped in a organic hooded robe in preparation for her massage. You will be guided step by step and stroke by stroke by our instructor on the art of Infant Massage a technique you can continue at home


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